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Management Tools

Add and manage resource records: A, AAAA, CAA, CNAME, DS, MX, NS, PTR, SPF, SRV, SSHFP, TLSA, TXT. Add and manage name servers, Configure TTL. Your domain control panel


Email Forwarding

When you register or transfer your domain name to Bhosting, you can specify that all email sent to it is redirected to your own email address or any other email


Easy Integration

When you purchase or transfer a domain to Bhosting, you can create your website with our Secure, reliable hosting and  some Powerful features, like drag-and-drop

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Data Protection

When you register a domain with Bhosting, we cover the cost of keeping your domain registration details private. These details include your name, address, and others

The Fastest, Affordable, Most Reliable, High-Speed Cloud Web Hosting Solutions Platform

Bhosting is a Super Performance, Highly Reliable, Seamlessly Scalable web hosting solutions platform designed to support businesses of all sizes backed with 247 Support.

Whether you are new to launching your first website (corporate or ecommerce business), we have the perfect web hosting solution designed with you in mind! We have the capability to make your website the toast on web users. We will support you to achieve seamless start up and account transfer.

Hosting Solutions

We Take The Stress Out Of Moving Web Hosts

There are various situations that you may face as a site owner where migration is your best or even only option. Switching to a new web host can be stressful especially if you've been with them for many years. We take the pain out of moving by providing complimentary website migrations by our team. Our quality assurance team ensures successful transfers in just a couple hours!

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    People Don't Visit Slow Websites

    Recall the last slow website you visited. How would you describe that experience? A slow website is not only annoying but damaging to your search engine results and reputation. We're committed to delivering blazing fast load times for websites of all sizes!

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      Let's Encrypt Authority x3 SSL Certificate.

      Keep your website protected and secure with Let's Encrypt authority x3 SSL certificate. Let's Encrypt is a non-profit certificate authority run by Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) that provides X.509 certificates for Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption at no charge.

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        We Keep Your Website Online 24x7x365

        Most providers claim 99.9% Uptime but if you read the "fine print" it's network or server, not actual website uptime. Downtime not only costs you lost visitors but also damages your reputation and search engine rankings. we've maintained 99.9% website uptime on all web hosting packages.

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          Build Trust and Protect Your Brand with Leading Encryption,
          Identity & Website Security Solutions.

          Web Hosting Features Included For Free

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          Free SSl – (Starter Plan)

          Keep your website protected and secure with let’s encrypt authority x3 ssl certificate. Let’s Encrypt is a non-profit certificate authority

          Fast and Reliable Web Hosting

          CloudLinux OS

          CloudLinux provides dedicated resources (RAM, CPU, I/O, etc.) per account to ensure your website is always running at maximum speed.

          Fast and Reliable Web Hosting

          LiteSpeed Web Server

          LiteSpeed Web Server is up to 10 times faster than Apache and is a drop-in replacement meaning your website will function the same.

          Fast and Reliable Web Hosting

          Cloudflare w/Railgun

          CloudFlare provides a global content delivery network and security features to help load your website with ease and provide protection.

          Other Services


          We help translate the offline experience of your brand into the digital medium via the development and management of a purposeful and responsive website with an intelligent user interface and user experience that enhances interaction between your brand and customers for increased engagement and action. We take your brand’s digital experience from concept to user-friendly, stunning result. Our development process flows from information architecture and wireframing, to the user interface and responsive design.

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            Differentiate your brand and amplify your message with digital marketing marketing and advertising Digital marketing is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers. Great marketing on social space can bring remarkable success to your business, creating devoted brand advocates and even driving leads and sales. You can get a digital marketing support that is tailored to your exact needs and we will help you to build a dedicated community of customers, clients, and advocates.

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              We promote your brand, products and services to ensure that potential clients are confident that your product is the right one for them with stunning presentations using graphics, motion, pictures, images and videos both offline and online. Presenting an idea, design or product to a client is an essential aspect of getting the client to take the desired action. The right presentation can mean the difference between a client’s buy-in and the outright dismissal of a design, strategy or proposal.


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